Apr 24, 2021 | decisive client

You finally made the very wise decision to hire a wedding planner to take care of planning your dream wedding day.  You are such a smart nearly wed (that’s what wedding professionals call couples who are about to get married.)  Nearly weds spend a significant amount of time researching and finding their perfect venue, planner, dress, etc.  I will let you in on a wedding planner secret.  As planners, we do not take on every client who comes our way.  Many of us are searching for what we call our “ideal client.”  Every planner may have a different rubric for who their ideal client is.  Some prefer older nearly weds on their second marriages while others may prefer a young couple on a tight budget.  One thing most planners have in common is that they most definitely prefer a client who is able to make timely, definitive decisions whenever choices or options are presented to them.  

Your wedding planner wants to be the best they can be for you!  And what a gift when in return,when you are not just a good client, but the best client YOU can be for your planner.  When both parties have the same goal at the top of mind, it creates a dynamic relationship, and an even greater event outcome.  Let’s face it, the overall goal is to have the finest wedding or event possible.  Otherwise, what are we doing all of this work in vain for?  Sometimes, you may not know exactly how to be the best client you can be, even when you have every intention of being one.  The simple fact that you are taking the time to read this blog today lets your planner know that you are serious about your client-planner relationship.  

Below are 5 ways you can be the perfect decisive client, and make planning your big day easier for you and your planner. 

  1. Follow your intuition – This is your gut instinct.  It is your immediate understanding of something; there’s no need to think it over or get another opinion—you just know. … Because of this, trusting your intuition is the ultimate act of trusting yourself.  To live a life in tune with your intuition means listening to the inner innate wisdom that you have inside of yourself.
  2. Visualize the outcome – Take some time to daydream into the future.  What will your decision look like?  Can you write it down on paper?  Can you see yourself happy with this outcome?  Can you foresee possible disasters? Etc.
  3. Weight the proc/cons – This is the step we use most often.  Draw a table.  How many things can you think of within 10 minutes that would be positive or “pro/for” about your decision.  How many things would be negative or “con/against” your decision.  Do not spend more than 10 minutes on this.  It should be a simple brain dump.  Do not go back and add to the lists once time has elapsed. 
  4. Give yourself time to think – but not too much time – MAX 1 week to give yourself time to do any extra research, ask your planner clarifying questions, and consult with family members or other professionals.   As soon as you decide, let your planner know so they can put the decisions into actions.
  5. Consider your future spouse’s opinion  – When it comes to wedding planning, and any future planning as a couple for that matter, you should always consider the interests of your spouse.  Ask for their point of view, and consider how they will be affected.  Ultimately, including your spouse in your decision making will make them feel included, even if you are primarily taking the charge in the wedding planning. 

Making decisions faster and more precisely will make the planning process that much smoother.  Tasks won’t get jumbled until the end or “crunch time” and you won’t begin to feel overwhelmed

A good planner will space out taks and decision-making throughout the length of the planning process.  Failing to hone in on decisions will begin to back up your planning timelines and checklists.  If you are reading this, and you are still considering whether or not you need a planner, this is yet another reason why having a planner is crucial.  Your planner will lead you and keep your decision making tasks in order and on schedule so that you are not overwhelmed.  

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