Feb 8, 2021 | planning focus

So, they asked and you said, YES!  Congratulations! You are engaged. Three months have passed, and you finally set a date.  Another three months passes, and you haven’t planned a single thing.  Friends and family start asking for information.  You probably thought you could just get a simple checklist online and things would fall into place.  WRONG! 

In the technology era, many engaged couples experience information overload.  Your brain is slam jammed pack with tedious details, dos and don’ts, this or thats, heres or theres, etc. Information overload is the difficulty in understanding  an issue and effectively making decisions when one has too much information about that issue, and is generally associated with the excessive quantity of daily information.  You can’t expect to get any meaningful planning done if you jump into planning without a thought out plan.  I know that sounds crazy right? Make a plan to plan.  But yes, in order to be able to successfully focus on planning your wedding you must develop a thoughtful plan in order to do so.

Here are a few simple ways to get yourself focused on the task at hand: planning your dream wedding.


The first step to getting focused on planning is to make time to do it.  Even if you dedicate 30 mins a day or 2 hours per week to do it – having a specified block of time will motivate you to start and end so that you can move onto something else. 


Move to a quiet place, shut the door, and turn off your phone.  It might even help to tell your friends and family not to demand your attention for this specified time.  Mute the notifications on your phone, especially social media.  Soft music is ok in the background if you choose.  Set the mood that will give you the utmost level of creativity.


The combination of being hungry and angry – Hangry – will for sure have you losing all mental focus.  In order to focus your brain, and keep your emotions at bay, be sure not to skip any meals.  Eat healthy snacks and stay hydrated.


If you are working with a planner, odds are, they will be keeping you on track with monthly checklists and reminders.  If not, write out checklists for yourself.  Make the goals attainable.  Maybe knock out 4-5 items by the end of the week.  Or spend a few hours on one day researching photographers, etc.


Whichever way you decide to set up your checklists, reward yourself when something is completed or accomplished.  Have a toast or phone a friend to share your news.  Positive feedback will likely push you to complete more tasks. 


Once you have made a decision, stick to it.  Try not to look back.  Now that you have thought about how each and every detail of your wedding can be catered to your likes, wants, and specifications, changing them later on can make the event feel disconnected.

If all else fails, sit back, relax, and HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER!

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